Italian singer, sound artist, composer and performer.
"I want to be a membrane through which places, visions, sounds, memories, voices, travel. My work incorporates all the experiences I make by travelling."
Her work is multidisciplinary and focused on the connection between voice, sound, field recordings, body and improvisation. She investigates and explores the realm of acoustic sounds and electronic interfaces as extension of human voice. Art and life, sound and movement, the common line is the improvisation which leads her to research and to create new worlds.
"Everything spawns from the urgency I carry inside myself, and from the need to create an artistic dimension I belong to, an intimate and pure dimension devoid of any sort of strict rules, and shareable with whoever wishes to be part of it. A search towards the essence, leading to a continuous discovery of new worlds, real and unreal, deformed, imaginary, mystic, irriverent and extreme worlds. Tuning in with the outside, with space and events, actions become ritual, short circuit, a flow of alteration".
In 2001 studied Theater and dance at "Accademia Stabile del Musical",, in 2008 graduated with a bachelor of jazz music at Conservatory "N.Piccini" in Bari, Puglia where she studied with Roberto Ottaviano, Gianna Montecalco, Davide Santorsola. In 2012 she specialized her studies with a Master of new musical languages and technology at the Conservatory "N.Rota" in Monopoli, Puglia with Gianni Lenoci. She attended workshops with Meredith Monk, Faheem Mazaar, Chiara Guidi, Michela Lucenti, Tiziana Portoghese, Patricia Bardi, Barry Harris, Zeno Gabaglio, Carlos Zingaro, Dave Moss, Kent Carter, Karl Berger, William Parker, etc etc.
She sang the contemporary solo pieces for voice "Lettura di Braibanti" with and for Sylano Bussotti. Recorded with the Hocus Pocus Orchestra and William Parker the album "What Shall We Do" for Silta Records in 2010.
In 2012 she got a grant "Leonardo WWM" , she worked at Kampnagel Teater of Hamburg with the musiktheater's company "Kommando Himmelfahrt".
In 2015 she got a residency at  EMS of Stockholm as a guest composer and worked on her solo project Blooming.
In 2016 released her first album  "En Respirant" in duo with JeanMacr Foussat, voice and electronics , for FOU Records.
She used to be based in Berlin, but she now travels around the world as a nomadic artist, and builds her research on the travel's experience.

tutto √® dettato dall’urgenza che porto dentro, dalla necessit√† di creare una dimensione artistica che mi appartenga, una dimensione intima, pura, avulsa da ogni tipo di regolamentazione imposta, e condivisibile con gli altri che vogliano farne parte. Una ricerca verso l’essenza che porti a scoprire continuamente nuovi mondi, reali e non, deformati, onirici, immaginari, mistici, dissacranti, estremi. In ascolto con l'esterno, con lo spazio,con gli eventi, l'azione diventa rituale, cortocircuito,flusso di alterazione

Significant Experiences :


1.11.2016 projection of the video "Rural Tableau, the lived, the perceived, the present" + esecution of the composition released in Vouzela residency 9-29.10 BINAURAL NODAR(Soccos) "Rural Tableau", rural soundscapes, research resindency in Vouzela, Portugal
28-30.09 1-2.10 MULTI SLOW concerts with Arvind Ganga and Amand Levyraz in Lubjana, Vrhnica, Trbolje, Bistrica ob Sotli
26-27.08 CAMERA SONORA performance at Bloody Milk Gallery, in Aalborg
5-15.08 teaching workshop MOVING VOICES at La Casina Settarte, in Ostuni
14-24.07 CAMERA SONORA artistic residency and festival Suoni di Monte d'oro, and Festival Liminaria, in Montorio al Vomano, San Marco dei Cavoti and Ginestra degli Schiavoni
10.07 MED'ENSEMBLE video performance for the Festival Suoni della Murgia, Altamura
10-14.06 Tour with Amand Levyraz, Marcello Busato, Wojtek Bajda in Lausanne, Freiburg, Neuchatel, Basel
9-13.05 EN RESPIRANT releasing concerts with JeanMarc Foussa in Paris
7-8.05 Festival MIA, Atouguia da Baleia, Portugal
19.02 releasing of the album "En Respirant" with JeanMarc Foussat, FOU RECORDS
15-30.01 GIFT QUARTET Tour with Yedo Gibson, Vasco Trilla, Carlo Mascolo


12-30.10 Grant and residency as GUEST COMPOSER at EMS, Stockholm, Sweden
3-11.10 "Camera Sonora" durational performance, Installation "Sonora Memoria", Contemporary dance Festival Visioni di  (p)Arte, Teatro Kismet Opera, Bari, Italy
10.07 "Pulpy Blossom" Coffi Festival, Berlin, Germany
14.07 "We are stardust" OT301 Amsterdam, Netherlands
16-24.07 recording and residence "Alternative Oblique/Improvising being", Paris, France
19.06 voice and dance performance "Al13, liquid identity", Quadriennial of Design, Prague, Czech Republic
(continuing performances activity as free improviser in solo and groups with several projects around Europe)


voice and sound in the caves, vocal performance "MED-ea", several performances in Gravina, Matera, Cisternino, Canosa, Italy
1.09-10.09 residence and performance "Biarteca" Festival, Oretto Superiore, Italy
27-28.06 Napa field recording installation "A piece of world at every moment", Glogauair residence, Berlin, Germany


28.01-23.03 Grant and performances "Utopia" with Kommando Himmelfahrt musiktheater company at Kampnagel Theater, Hamburg, Germany
15.11-18.12 performances in dutch churches  "Amor" with C-Scope dance company, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Netherlands


2-20.03 studies and several performances "Madrigale Appena Narrabile" with Societas Raffaello Sanzio, Pistoia, Bologna, Cesena, Italy


7.12 Hommage to Sylvano Bussotti, solo voice performance "Lettura di Braibanti" , with and to Bussotti at Museum of experimental arts L'Aquila, Italy


23-24.07 Hommage to Domenico Guaccero, solo voice performance "Esercizi" premiere at San Pietro Church, Monopoli, Italy
8-10.02 recording and concert with Hocus Pocus Orchestra and William Parker "What Shall We Do" Silta Records, Monopoli, Italy