My Projects

sound installation/performance
voice, laptop, synth, bells, metal panel, pedals
Marialuisa Capurso - Pier Alfeo

Pinkno Hana
duo voice and drums
Marialuisa Capurso - Ben Brown (CA)
for the booking and management : BE1TWO

Rural Tableau
the lived, the perceived, the present
video performance, field recordings and graphical score
performance Rural Tableau

Camera Sonora
Durational Sound Performance
Marialuisa Capurso  - Adolfo La Volpe(IT) - Morten Poulsen (DN)

En Respirant
voice and synthesizer
Marialuisa Capurso - Jeanmarc Foussat (FR)

Brush Skin Soft
voices-sewing machine-drums
Ben Brown (CA) - Marialuisa Capurso - Agente Costura (BR/CA)

Pulpy Blossom
impro performance
Marialuisa Capurso - Arvind Ganga (NL)

Lul├╣ & Isabel- meeting in a hidden hotel
Marialuisa Capurso voice, electronics, movement
Amand Leyvraz electronics (CH)

solo performance voice, movement, organic materials

We Are Stardust
voice and movement performance
Marialuisa Capurso - Electra Kikk (GR/NL)

sound installation, field recordings
Marialuisa Capurso- Chiara Esposito (IT/DE)

Marialuisa Capurso - Agente Costura (BR/CA) - Alexandra Nilsson (S) - Maryna Schuklyna ( UKR)