2017 "Elements" Leo Records, England
Marialuisa Capurso voices, effects, objects
Pat Battstone piano
Adolfo La Volpe guitar, laptop, objects
Francesco Massaro saxes
Mariasole De Pascalis flute
Giacomo Mongelli drums

2016 "En Respirant"   Fou Records, Paris
Marialuisa Capurso voice, effects, objects, glockenspiel
Jean-Marc Foussat AKS syinth, voice, toys

2015 in the song Torrent Vertical Improvise Being/Alternative Oblique Paris

2012 in the song Ce que J'aime "Unus Mundus" Pippo D'Ambrosio, Digressione Music Italy

2011 in the song Don't Give Up "Chi ha fottuto Donald Duck" Diego Morga, Four Records Italy

2010 "What Shall We Do( Without You)" Hocus Pocus Lab Orchestra+ William Parker, Silta Records Italy

1996 featuring in Bossa'n'go, Fashion Beat, Bossa'n'go3, Scenario Music Italy